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Does anyone have Dyscalculia but is good at mental maths?
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Posted on June 02 2007 01:57 PM

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I mean, I know this is the most obvious symptom but it is just so strange to me that I can count in my head and I learnt my times tables and to read a clock at the normal age but I have everything else.

I printed off the symptoms page and I could circle pretty much all of it except for mental maths and clock reading.
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Posted on June 02 2007 02:28 PM

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Hey thehitcher, unfortunatley i am majorly bad at doing mental maths in my head. I get totally confused. For instance i have a brain game on my phone and its basic maths ie 2+2=, 4+?=10 etc and i cant do it in the given time and they deduct points off of you if your too slow. But times tables i still majorly struggle with. I am getting better at it but it all confuses me. But i can read time and although i did struggle with it when i was 12 years old i can read a clkock no problem
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Posted on June 02 2007 05:43 PM
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Hi thehitcher, me too unfortunately, I'm not very good at mental maths although not as bad as what Laura described above, but then I'm only mildly dyscalculic.

Another thing to remember is that dyscalculia and LDs in general share common symptoms. This isn't easy to explain but I'lltry anyway: If you look at one or a few symptoms isolated, that isn't enough to determinate what kind of LD you may have. Instead, one has to look for a collection, or if you prefer a pattern of symptoms which according to given weaknesses found in some functionning areas weather it is memory, abstract thinking, visual spatial skills, etc, and which corresponds to a dyscalculic, dyslexic, ADHD type profile or whatever type profile. (If someone else can explain this better than me, please go ahead)

If we take some examples from the symptom list, say:

Mistaken recollection of names. Poor name/face retrieval. Substitute names beginning with same letter, etc... -- First off, this is the kind of thing that can happen to anybody everynow and then. But since you say that this symptom fits you, I take your word that this must be something that happens to you more than just once in a while because afterall,you know yourself better than I or anyone else. But you should also know that this symptom is also true for ADHD, for dyslexia, CAPD. Poor name/face retrieval is also true for Asperger's syndrome or high functionning autism.

Difficulty with the abstract concepts of time and direction -- This can also be true for ADHD, dyspraxia, NVLD, Asperger's Syndrome and possibly other LDs as well.

When writing, reading and recalling numbers, these common mistakes are made: number additions, substitutions, transpositions, omissions, and reversals -- This can also apply to ADHD again, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia and possibly more.

I don't mean to confuse you, but I'm only trying to demonstrate how complicated this all is. Several LDs can coexist together aswell which can complicate things even more.

There's a forum member here, Anna Wilson, who explains in a thread here that very little is known about the symptoms of dyscalculia and that a lot of websites will list reams of symptoms which for many, there is only anecdotal evidence. Fortunately Mrs. Wilson recently put online a new website about dyscalculia ( which aims to to provide research-based information about dyscalculia to parents and teachers. The site also has a "symptom" section which sheds some light on what symptoms are known to science, which aren't and whcih aren't known to science but can be potential symptoms. Overall, the site is a great source of information and i hope it would help you get a better idea weather or not you are dyscalculic.

However, I think it should be stressed that if you are concerned that your difficulties interfere with your school, your career, your relationship with others or whatever part of your life, by all means you should get tested and go get some help.Smile
It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer -- Albert Einstein
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Posted on June 02 2007 09:51 PM

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Joined: 2007-05-28

Well you know what? It must just be my ADD and Visual Processing Disorder but I never knew people with ADD could have poor name/face retrieval and such. I get it atleast once or twice a week and it is usually someone I see everyday and I forget their name for >10minutes. Likewise, there are two guys in my class who both have a "je" sound in their name and I get them mixed up all the time. I am of the mixed subtype Grin.

Well, if that is all then I guess I don't need a specialist. Sometimes it really frustrates me because if I try to focus hard then I can't focus as well, but that is my only real complaint. I'm in the middle of the test and someone next to me ruffles the paper and that is enough to sidetrack me and then I can't focus anymore. I do find that I CAN go into 'hypofocus' if I just get into it in a stress free environment and that is great because I can study really well. Even though I've learned to calm down in tests, it is just the environment that is so distractive.

I'm glad that I'm different because I see things others don't and I think, if it weren't for my differences, I wouldn't be an absolute computer geek. Also, after reading about Dyscalculia, even if I don't think I have it anymore, I've developed an interest in LDs and mental disorders (not working how it should, but maybe everyone else is the problem Wink ). In fact, although I was diagnosed at a young age, I never even really knew I had ADD and VPD.
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Posted on June 02 2007 09:54 PM

Location: No value
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Joined: 2007-05-28

Thanks a lot guys for teaching me so much. I think I will still read the forums because you guys start some interesting topics. Pfft
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