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Hello to all. (warning, kind of a long post.)
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Posted on September 16 2008 06:57 AM

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Hello to everyone on the board, it's nice to have a place to chat like this.

I'm kirkygirl. I have ADHD and clinical depression, which is probably genetic through my father. Not only have these disorders been confirmed by two seperate doctors (a child psychologist and a psychiatrist), but the psychiatrist that I am seeing now thinks there may be a possibility that I might have dyscalculia. I have always had problems with numbers and math, and that has put the brakes on my learning.
Try as I might, I cannot understand and retain some of the patterns in algebra and even in basic math. For some reason, I can't even do some basic math in my head, and I need a pen and paper for it. To make matters worse, I work as a cashier in a grocery store. Thankfully, because I'm nice to my customers, they point out any mistakes that I tend to make, and I also have a machine that gives back the correct amount of change in coins.
My psych thinks its incredible that I'm actually able to work a cash machine without much difficulty. But over the past six months, I've been noticing that I tend to say the wrong numbers. Ex. I see $24.69, and I KNOW that I see that number, but I say something silly like, "That'll be twenty-four ninety-six, please. Er, I meant twenty-four sixty-nine". Which is why I think he said that I might have it. I have to go to a pyschologist to get testing, but Dr. L. said that I might be able to talk to someone at the local university about it. Maybe I'll be a guinea pig, but it'll be ok, one way or the other.
As you can tell, I am very wordy and I am really good with the English language. I can speak some other languages including Spanish, French, and a few words in German and Japanese. So there is nothing wrong with my memory. I also love biology, and I enjoy seeing the theories behind chemistry. Physics is fun too, watching experiments happen, and I can understand the forces and inertia behind moving objects. (yay Mythbusters!) The math is why I do poorly in classes.
My parents are awesome. My dad totally understands where I'm coming from as he had much of the same learning difficulties as I do. He even works as a marine engineer by trade, but is trying to get a project managemnt certificate. My mom is a little bit of a different story, but because she is a lab tech in a medical facility, she has realized that it's not so bad after all. I take the time to talk to the doctors and let them know that biologiy is one of my strengths, and it seems to get easier to talk with them.

I find it very surprising that the WHO has classified dyscalculia as a disability, and yet there are too many people who have a great deal of difficulty with it. ADHD has been recognized after many years of struggle, and I think that the same will happen with d/c, Iit's all just a matter of time.
Sorry for the long post but I don't think that I could have written a shorter one. Too many things buzzing around in my head right now that I would have thought pertinent for those getting to know me.
Have a good one,
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Posted on September 16 2008 04:52 PM
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Welcome kirkygirl. Nice to meet you Smile
It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer -- Albert Einstein
evie dee
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Posted on September 16 2008 09:59 PM

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Hello, kirky. I'm Eva. I have ADD, too! Welcome to the forums.
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Posted on September 17 2008 04:10 AM

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Dear Kirkygirl,
I throughly enjoyed your post. Every word of it. Everything you say is either a "truth" or is something that let's us get to know your great mind and fascinating personality. As for wordiness, I had to talk to the Vice-president of my college today to complain about the meanness of the disability coordinator. (I'm an older female.) I had so much to say that the very nice man had to tell me, "It's like I ask you for a glass of water and you give me 80 tons of it." If we (you and I) ever get to meet each other, maybe one of us can speak in Spanish (my second language) and the other can practice simultaneous translation. It's as if this is what it would take to keep our minds suficiently busy. Then, when we get tired, we can switch to German, or French, since that goes slower, not being fluent in those. And then when we can barely think any more, and our throats are dry, (just before we give up and turn on the TV) we can practice Sign Language!

I love biology, too. I read books on taking care of health and herbs. And I love plants. I'm so glad that you found our forum.

Most of us here on the forum have had trouble with learning our times tables (me included). I count on my fingers -- that is -- this is how I do my times tables. Nevertheless, my dyscalculia test came back that I don't have it. This was a misdiagnosis, but it's difficult to prove what's missing inside my head. - justfoundout
Edited by justfoundout on September 17 2008 04:12 AM
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Posted on September 17 2008 09:03 AM

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Welcome Kirkygirl,
I think each of us has a long story as we live with our discalculia everyday of our lifes. It's a good thing to share these things with eachother. I hope you get tested quick
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Posted on September 17 2008 07:34 PM

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Hey Kirkygirl and welcome to the forum. I too use to work as a cashier. I also worked as a Stock Controller. I was a little bit nervous as a cashier but EVENTUALLY got over it. However Stock Control is ALL numbers. It was tough but i managed. It was made better as i could work at my own pace as there were other staff on my department. Unlike as a Cashier as its always buzzing with customers. Anyways hello and welcome hope you get tested

Oh btw i too count on my fingers i have real trouble doing DIVISION. TIMES TABLES i am getting better at but i still cant do FRACTIONS NOR DIVISIONS Smile
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Posted on September 18 2008 06:06 AM

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Ironically enough...I have been a waitress, bartender, and in my mid 20's was a Bank see it; a teller, my adding maching was my best friend.

Prior to my re-entering college I was in the Mortgage Business; lots and lots of numbers. I was fired from several jobs due to not "working" fast enough on files, but I can say my files had fewer mistakes than my co-workers.

Morale of the story...we can function with enough repetition, my theory; we remember enough from school to "function" albeit slower than most, but fast enough not to be labeled by most.

And many dys love science, but cant continue due to applied math limitations. We get it, we like it, but math is the 8 foot hurdle and we are 4 feet tall.
Edited by tammyk1 on September 18 2008 06:11 AM
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Posted on September 18 2008 06:15 AM

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side note...

I know I am not a doctor, but do you think your depression may be due to your LD? I know my self esteem has been low for years due to feeling inadequate, which led to depression for me.

Just a thought
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Posted on September 18 2008 07:33 AM

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Wow! Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

Tammy, you asked if my depression was related to my LD's. I'm not 100% sure if it is, but I'm pretty sure it's genetic. My paternal grandmother (RIP), I'm told, may very well have had depression. At least one of my cousins (from one of my dad's sisters) may have ADD or ADHD because of his hyperactivity. Both my ADHD and my depression were diagnosed in 2001, and then reconfirmed with my current pysch in April (?) of this year.

JFI, I don't really know if I would be able to do sign language, but I definetly think it would help me-I have a few customers who are hearing impared-I think it would be great to at least tell them that I am "signing impared", using ASL.. Pfft
As well, don't give up. It's really tough having LD's and really odd tendancies. I should know, I was teased and bullied all the way until about Grade 7 or so. I didn't quit because my ego wouldn't let me; that would just prove the bullies and the nay-sayers right.

Laura, I think that I would like to do stock control at the store that I work at, but I think that I am a little too high-strung for that. Well, not only that, but I'm getting so cranky at the store that I've been thinking about quitting despite the new contract that our union has signed recently. Nice place to work, it's just certain people that are pushing my buttons constantly and without them knowing.

Well, I should hit the hay. Goodnight all!
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Posted on October 12 2010 08:50 PM
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Hey Kirkygirl! I'm a Biology minor and also love plants. Don't worry, I can be a bit wordy, too. It's all good, people can read the entire post or not, their choice, eh? I worked retail for 8 months and HATED it!! How do you manage to enjoy it? I was a sales associate, and decided I was better off as a crossing guard, avoiding being ran over by fools who don't know what a STOP sign means, than working at the store. Maybe it was the fact that they also had me run the cash register and deal with numbers, but I hated that job. Anyway, I'm not normally this whiny, really. Pfft As long as you enjoy your job, I guess that's what matters!
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Posted on October 12 2010 11:02 PM

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hi kirky, sorry if I missed you before, but welcome!

I too, enjoy languages. I was diagnosed with LD in college after continually failing remedial college math.

I'm in my 30's and new hoh <don't consider myself "impaired"> and involved some in the Deaf community here. I sign some - learned some when working with Deaf kids and staff in a program some years back, went to other things and forgot most of it, and then started to re-learn a few years ago, before I started losing my hearing.

I was physically bullied extensively all the way up to high school; I actually pretended to be sick many times during those years so I could either not go or have someone pick me up from school to go home. I found and out about and chose to go to a specialty high school which was so much better though as it was an arts-oriented high school where there were no traditional cliques and no team sports and most everybody was considered "different" for various reasons.

anyway, glad you found us!

oh - there's an ASL thread which may or may not include any gloss, if u interested-

oh, ya know what, cuz I'm very tired I think I mixed up part of your thread re: ASL, sorry if I did. Had very busy couple of days and dog training tonight!
Edited by RottieWoman on October 12 2010 11:03 PM
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