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i hate dancing, aperntly this is linked to dyscalculia
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Posted on December 11 2009 08:01 PM

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Dear Kestrel6,
Yes, I loved square dancing. I was 15 years old, wearing my new, checkerd-gingham square-dance dress. (Dark forest-green and white, with green rick-rack.) I took 'paid' classes along with a lot of other 'newbies'. But about half of the people there were older people who had been square dancing for years, so it was almost impossible to 'go wrong'. There was always an outstretched hand to grab hold of, even when you couldn't understand the caller. I had a wonderful time. It was great exercise. And it wasn't very expensive. We were really just paying for the old, un-airconditioned building with wooden floors, and the 'caller'. I would loose weight to get to go do that again! (Being light-weight makes it more fun to get swung around!) - jus'
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Posted on December 13 2009 04:54 AM

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' gym classes were co-ed....this was in the 80's
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Posted on December 13 2009 04:56 AM

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yes, my experience was the boys were much more deadly...but am glad you had better one, 'Kat-
True Dave
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Posted on December 14 2009 09:40 PM

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They say Dancing is something we are not very good at. Im glad I learned my limitations late in life. Otherwise I wouldnt have tried.

I doubted my diagnosis untill I read about the problem learning card games.
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Posted on December 15 2009 01:40 AM
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Nissa wrote:
Addy wrote:
Does anyone else have problems with work-out videos? I can tell my left from my right as long as it's simple, but when I'm told to do a "left side lunge" and they assume that I know which knee I'm bending ... gah.

I have the same trouble. It's especially confusing, because when some instructors say "left" they mean their left, but other instructors mean my left.

LOL try it in martial arts! I'm a retired Guardian Angel, and I used to drive our sensei crazy because I would mirror him instead of matching him! Hay foot, straw foot!
Blessed are the PURR in heart!
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Posted on December 17 2009 04:51 AM

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Ditto that Kestrel!
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Posted on December 17 2009 08:48 AM

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For me it just come down to practice practice practice if I want to learn anything physical and I played football for 14 years so lots of plays to learn and I have a black belt so lots of forums,but I know if I want to be as good or better then the others I have to practice on my own over and over again so when it comes time to preforum there is no thinking you just go with it, because you have done it so much and the muscel memory takes over..
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Posted on January 05 2010 02:21 AM

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I used to take dance class. I was alright, I'm not particularly "athletic" but I had some fun. My main problem was getting choreography. When I took ballet I always has to line up in the middle when we did bar work so I could copy the other girls foot movements. When we got ready for the end of the year show, I needed the other girls to copy though I was pretty good at covering it up. Sometimes I sill messed up though and was singled out. My dance teacher put me on the spot and said I needed better focus. Back then I didn't know about my dyscalculia so I thought I was just dumb.
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Posted on January 05 2010 02:37 AM

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Dear EmmaS15,
In my bar exercises, I always just did the movements that the teacher told us to do. I never 'worried my pretty head' about trying to remember things like 'how many demi-plies' before doing a 'gran plie', or 'what's the series of plies in different positions before you get to do a releve and hold, or before you get to fourth postion and get to do a reverance'? I just followed whatever the teacher said to do. Never once did it occur to me to keep count, or to write it down. Did I think that ballet was like a square-dance, and that I'd always have a 'caller'?

I see that you say you'd 'had some fun'. Yeah, it was fun. And I was young, slim, and flexible. I'm glad that I did it. - jus'
Edited by justfoundout on January 05 2010 02:39 AM
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Posted on April 06 2010 10:34 PM
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The best approach to dancing I find is to simply not take it that seriously. If you do, it becomes one of those dreadful competitive things "how come I can't do it? why is everyone better than me?"

I used to feel just like you do and refrain from dancing. It all stemed from a cruel comment made by a girl yet when I look back it was all so silly, so was she. Dancing became like sports; one of those evil rites that are there to oppress or humiliate you but the less seriously you take it the less competetive it becomes. Just work on the assumption that no one really does dance these days, look how people seem to bounce off each other when the floor is crowded!

Try doing some irregular moves like raising your hands above your head or a spoof Tony Manero finger pointing routine just to treat it all like a laughPfft Dancing then will seem as inoffensive as pass the parcel!
Arwen Evenstar
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Posted on April 10 2010 06:20 AM
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2 short planks hit the nail on the head. Don't take dance so seriously, it's supposed to be fun. I actually just quit my belly dance class and found a new teacher because it wasn't fun anymore.

Don't be discouraged from taking a dance class if you ever so desire-you're just going to need to put in extra practice time so the moves and choreography are in your muscle memory.

Depending on the music, I'm okay at counting. Thankfully, a beledi is an 8 count but toss in a 9/8 karsilama and I'm going to have to drill that during my practice time.

Muscle memory from drilling the moves over and over until I'm blue in the face is my greatest ally in dance class, haha.
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Posted on December 03 2010 04:42 AM

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I absolutely LOVE dancing! I can pick up choreography, but it always takes me a little longer....I remember in my last beauty pageant we had to do a dance number for the opening...they had tryouts to see who would get to have more complex dance moves, and I didn't get chosen because I was stumbling over myself a little bit trying to remember the moves. I could do them perfectly (and even better than the girls chosen for the extra moves) by the time we had the show, but it was too late...arrgh

I can do freestyle dancing and dancing without set choreography really really well. I did "interpretive" dance at my church, (still do it every now and then) and I also took African Dance for about 2 years when I was little. So yeah, I love dancing (:
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Posted on December 05 2010 07:28 PM

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Wow, I had no idea that my "reluctance" to learn how to dance could be linked to dyscalculia! But now it acutally makes sense!
I NEVER wanted to learn to dance. There was a time back in school where everyone went to dance classes and I thought it was just another level of being an outsider.
Anyway, I still did not learn how to dance and I think the only reason I would learn it for is my own wedding. Which will probably never come anyway. LOL
"The purpose of our lives is to be happy."
Tenzin Gyatso
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Posted on December 06 2010 08:37 AM

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I hate dancing, because quite frankly, I think dancing looks ridiculous and I feel embarrassed.
I am coordinated, and I can dance, but I just really don't want to. When I go out with my friends, I'd rather just listen to the music and have a few beers. I will only dance if I hear an exceptionally good song, but the music I listen to is not exactly club music.
My friends all love to dance, and that's fine by me, as long as I don't have to do it myself.

I don't think i'd be able to learn a routine or anything like that, my short term memory is just plain silly. Well, maybe I would remember during rehearsals, and then I would forget during the show ha ha - which would be silly as well Pfft
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Posted on December 23 2010 01:58 AM

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oh lord , I never knew it wsas linked.

Well that explains why social outcast / Goth days Smile - part of it

I still hate it too .

I remember when I took Karate and we did the Kata forms... we had to do in order to pass a grade i.e. to move up belt.

Boy, was i in cold sweat - thank god the insturctor left after orange belt as I was starting to go into convlusions at thought of it getting even more harder as we went higher.

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Posted on December 27 2010 09:24 PM
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I went to dance school as a kid and I remember I did catch on to the steps, just not as quickly as others. When I watch these shows like "So You Think You Can Dance" and they pick it up so quickly, I always wonder how in the WORLD they manage to do it!

I was on the dance team in high school and we practiced a LOT, that's how I managed to learn the steps. I would always stay a little later in order to make sure I got it.

I always have to watch people do certain line dances a few times before I can get out there and do it with them and sometimes I'm the one turning in the wrong direction.

I went to a Jazzercise class once, I could NOT keep up. I kept getting lost in the steps.

BUT, I LOVE to dance. It just makes me happy. I dance when there isn't any music on. Luckily I work with people who just smile when I randomly break into a jig of some sort. Pfft
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Posted on January 01 2011 10:38 AM

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Yes!!! I used to be ok at it in highschool (I'm 31 now) and tried to learn tap and jazz(my idea) Was awful! Just couldn't pick it up no matter how many times the steps were shown to me-I felt so dumb!!
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Posted on January 01 2011 03:34 PM

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Sonia, I always did horrible in learning steps for physical activities - dances, games, martial arts. Always have enjoyed martial arts though and still try that though I wouldn't say I'm graceful or talented. But I have trouble with spatial orientation, sequencing, auditory processing, etc so that kind of thing is challenging for me. I think now in my 30's, I'm a lot less self-conscious of it than I used to be.
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