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Disability Offices and inadequate 'help'
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Posted on April 18 2009 07:35 PM

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I've been watching our YouTube videos today, and it's very apparent that too many of us are not getting the 'help' that we'd hoped to receive from school's Disability Offices. For some, it's been as though the Disability Offices only exist to 'screen us' and to make sure that we get as little help as possible, rather than seeing what they can to do to 'even the playing field' for us.

On the YouTube site, one person (ellyodd) wrote that there have been legal cases regarding dyscalculia, but without success for the dyscalculic person. Next, ellyodd wrote: "Search on The Dyscalculia Forum. Google it. There's a OLD case about Harvard students, and a newish one about an art teacher." So, that's what I'll be doing as my next project. - jus'
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Posted on April 18 2009 09:43 PM
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Yeah that was me. Forget Harvard, it was University of Houston - sorry.

University of Houston case:

Tennessee High school student sues state:

Dyslexic/dyscalculic sues bank:

1985 article:

Tesco discriminated dyscalculic (don't know if he did eventually sue)

I can't for the life of me find the case about the dyscalculic art teacher here on the forum - I though I made a post back then but it's only mentioned in the news section. Anyway, if you search google for math or dyscalculic or dyscalculia with florida art teacher I'm sure a lot of articles will come up.
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Posted on May 11 2009 06:41 PM

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This is really disheartening. Has anyone battled their school and won?
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Posted on May 11 2009 10:16 PM
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"Mr Neil also wants a ruling that a loan for 20,100 by the Royal Bank of Scotland is unenforcable because he did not understand its interest rate but is awaiting a date for that case." - "Dyslexic/dyscalculic sues bank"

I sympathize with the man for his difficulty reading his statements, but why would he sign the papers for a loan if he didn't understand the interest rate? It's pretty basic knowledge that you don't sign your name to something you can't understand. If I was a judge, I would have to rule in the bank's favor on that one - if you sign something, that's saying you fully understand the terms and conditions of what you're signing up for, and you're essentially signing away any right you have to say later on, "Oh but I didn't understand it."

Re: Tennessee High School Student sues school... did we ever find out what came of that? I absolutely abhor standardized tests, "exit exams" in particular. The idea that a student will or won't be able to get a high school diploma based on ONE exam is just ridiculous to me.

In Florida we have the FCAT which is given in grades 3-11. The FCAT is an "exit exam" in the sense that if you don't pass the 10th grade FCAT before the end of your senior year, you don't graduate. But it's not something you take at the end of your senior year that your diploma hinges on. You take the 10th grade Reading and Math FCAT exams in your sophomore year, and even if you fail either portion you'll still move on to 11th grade, you just have to retake the test you failed the next year. If you fail it in 11th grade, you take it again in 12th, until you pass it. I keep hoping that Gov. Crist will get rid of the FCAT because it is a huge waste of time and money that doesn't serve as a reliable measure of student success (I passed the Math portion of the FCAT every year with flying colors, never below the 90th percentile in the state... and I'm dyscalculic).
"The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings." - Eric Hoffer
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Posted on May 11 2009 11:22 PM

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Dear Kat,
We aren't supposed to sign our names to things that we don't understand. That's true. But in my Business Law II class, I'm finding that some contracts are considered 'unconscienable' for their unfairness.

Also, there is a whole town in (I think it was) Norway that invested in some highly 'rated' stocks that turned out to be structured to 'launder' them into looking valuable and stable, when really they were garbage. My teacher found the video on Hulu and showed it to us during class. Very intelligent people, holding positions of trust for the entire city, fell victim to 'signing' something that they didn't 'understand'. Furthermore, it took a man with an inth degree of business accumen having a chance converstion at a wedding party with one of the perpetrators, and then being a 'whistle blower' before anyone was able to 'backtrack' and understand how something 'worthless' had been structured to appear financially sound and stable.

When a dyscalculic, or anyone else, signs a contract that is 'unconscienable' there's a law for that! - jus'
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