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i dont no whats wrong
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Posted on April 24 2006 08:08 PM

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Joined: 2006-01-23

well this is starting to happen again. I no i have dyscalculia and i do get anxiety attacks sometimes in math but not most of the time. I wonder why i also get them when i read, well read to poeple and outloud. Is it that i am not self confident. I mean i love to read, i read to myself all the time (aloud), but whenever i am asked to read to class the verge of almost passing out comes to me. I dont no whats wrong i mean just last week we for a school asignemnt we were asked to come up with passages. I ofcourse was the first to volunter to read a passage, and i was calm about it and all and just ready to read the short passage. Sudenly when i start walking up to the head of the room to read i get sweaty and my heart starts beating realy fast. And i tryed to read but my panic attack was really making it hard to actuallly see what i was reading and read it carefully. Thankfully it was short so i didnt make a complete fool of myself.

why is this happening even when i am confident in myself that i now i can read this to my peers, i mean is my brain just going another way with all this. its so weird, and i am really tired of it.
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Posted on April 24 2006 11:46 PM

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I feel that the anxiety associated with dyscalculia also affects other areas in my life. I'm constantly afraid of "messing up" and get everything wrong, especially if I have to speak in front of people or if i'm confronted with tasks that are closesly monitored and based on performance. I've somewhat learned to live with this, but it still can cause me to break down.

Unfortunately, I don't have any good advice to give you other than letting you know that you're not alone feeling completely stressed out in these types situations. Even though you don't have any problems with reading per se, the same fear, which is associated with dyscalculia, might creep up on you and make you feel the same way as you do when performing a math problem...

Maybe somone else can give you some useful and comforting advice on how to deal with this. I would need some help with this too.
"I couldn't wait for success, so I went ahead without it." ~ Jonathan WintersSmile
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Posted on April 25 2006 01:48 AM

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Joined: 2006-01-23

yea, its just sometimes it really gets in the way of things. i guess it was that i had a panic attack and people found out one time, that really made me feel weird about myself. Maybe talking to a phycologist would help.
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Posted on April 25 2006 06:42 AM
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One important factor, is that for most people it is very rare that they have to Read something to a group of people. Also to Speak in front of a group.
So it is not something that we have much experience with at all.
So we really dont know how we will go?
Though the greatest problem, is just the Fear of messing up.
Which distracts us from what we are trying to do. Being distracted, we are then more likely to make a mistake.
So it's the fear that causes the mistake, and has a snowball effect.

Though a good way to address it, is to consider how much attention people actually pay to someone who is standing in front of a group and reading to them? Most people will be thinking about something else, with very few actually listening. You could even test it next time you have to read? Put in a completely wrong bird [word] in a sentence, and see if anyone actually notices? You'll probably find that only you noticed it?

So next time you that have to read or speak in front of a group, try playing a bit of game, and see who is paying attention?
Once I was at a committee meeting, where I had to read something out and no-one was paying attention? So I suddenly switched to reading out my shopping list, which I got nearly half through before someone noticed.
So rather than fear, maybe have a bit of fun?
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Posted on April 25 2006 09:34 AM

Location: No value
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Joined: 2006-03-03

Hi atsguy,
I'm a teacher and occasionally it all falls apart in front of a class, especially a new class. I hear my voice going weird and feel the heartrate pick up. All I have found that helps me is to stop completely for a moment, close my eyes and take 3 - always 3 - really deep breaths. It calms the heart and gives the sane brain a chance to take charge of the panicing one. I know it must seem a bit odd but it is better than falling apart. I invite the class to join me in a 'relaxation exercise' before we start work as cover sometimes.
Hope this helps - keep smiling!
Val Smile
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Posted on April 25 2006 02:15 PM

Location: No value
Posts: 16

Joined: 2006-01-23

Ok well today I decided to do an experiment to see if I really was having uncontrollable panic attacks when I read aloud to people.

In math class we were going over some scatter plots and correlations, basically the easiest stuff around even for someone that has dyscalculia. I volunteered to read a paragraph explaining some concepts about it, this was an experiment to see if I would start to have anxiety and panic attacks.

This was the paragraph I read: “surprised by the number of people smoking cigarettes in movies and television shows made in the 1940sand 1950s? At that time, there was no awareness of the relationship between tobacco use and numerous diseases. Cigarettes’ smoking was seen as a healthy way to relax and help digest a hearty meal. Then, in 1964, an equation changed everything. To understand the mathematics behind this turning point in public health, we need to explore situations involving data collected on two variables.”

this is exactly what happened, when I started reading everything went fine, then about in the middle of the paragraph I could feel my heart rate racing and my heart starting to pound, I got a little sweaty but not to much. My voice felt as if it was getting wheezy, and I began to have a very small amount of tunnel vision, but this was on a small scale, from a attack like this I rate it from 1-10, 1 being like minor wheezy ness, and heart rate increase, 10 is like what happened to me lat year, were I had sever tunnel vision, rapid heart rate, sweaty ness and little bit of redness, and almost shaking. I tried to control my breathing but I was not success full.

Since what I read was only a small and easy paragraph, I only concluded that my attack was in the 1-2 range and hardly noticeable to my peers except me.

Then for me next experiment I took another small paragraph from the book and read it alone and out loud in the library, this is what I concluded.

What I read alone, out laud: Is there a relationship between education and prejudice? With increase education, does a person’s level of prejudice tend to decrease? Notice that we are interested in two quantities-years of education and level of prejudice. For each person in our sample, we will record the number of years of school completed and the score on a test measuring prejudice. Higher scores on this 1 to 10 test indicate greater prejudice. Using x to represent years of education and y to represent scores on a test measuring prejudice. Table 12.5 shows these two quantities for a random sample of ten people.

When I read this which is basically like the same length and level as the first paragraph, I had no symptoms of a panic/anxiety attack. I read the paragraph very crisp and clearly.

I guess it most have something to do with me reading aloud to my peers that gives me anxiety attacks/panic.

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Posted on April 26 2006 01:41 AM

Location: No value
Posts: 16

Joined: 2006-01-23

Valp thanks for the help, i do try to do that but when the class is waiting on you its just hard, and i really want to participate in reading aloud to my perrs its just that my panic attacks get in the way, i mean i cant help it even when i am acapable of reading perfectly. Im so lost and just want them to go away i mean its just getting too intense these days
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Posted on April 26 2006 09:28 AM

Location: No value
Posts: 27

Joined: 2006-03-03

Hi Atsguy
Just a thought - is it stage fright? Is there a drama teacher you could approach for a few pointers?
Val Smile
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Posted on March 17 2010 12:30 PM

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Joined: 2010-03-15

Have you been tested for dyscalculia or dyslexia?
I agree with Tina that dyscalculia can affect other parts of your life. Sometimes I even feel shaky and insecure in the areas that I'm strongest in, such as English. In other words, having an LD can make you intellectually insecure. But also remember that public speaking is the one of the things people fear most.
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