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two things.....
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Posted on October 09 2009 06:07 PM

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Just had a couple things to share-

dyscal. moment # 1 million.....mentor dog trainer I am working with would like me to help w/her booth for dog-related activity on Sat. , which is great, I like to do that. I will staff the booth and she will take photos <one of her "official" 9-5 jobs; pro. photographer> of the agility. It is a fundraiser for a local rescue group and different dog-related vendors in area will have booths. So, she kindly sends me some info. from rescue webpage about their event, in relation to set-up for booths. This includes space requirements for where to set up, which includes like "5 feet" and "1/3" <? ? ?> , includes fact that so-and-so contact will help vendors. Well, I think we all, with our experience, can guess that the odds of so-and-so, having knowledge to assist me with this particular concern of setting-up , is not very good - not saying that "of course she doesn't know", cuz MAYBE she does - but the odds are kinda long, really. So, I asked my mentor if I could have hubby come and help and explained why-

the other was - I was browsing 'Net and looking at new Meet-Up groups in my area <for those who may not know, Meet-Ups are Internet-based social/educational groups that initially make contact through Internet in order to arrange to "meet up">. One of the new groups in my area is to be:"WI group for KIds With ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, Aspergers".... no where in this very detailed list is anything of math LD/dyscalulia or any LD besides dyslexia. So I looked around for contact and for this and found him- a doctor who is trying to start up a local branch of a national chain of agencies called "Brain Balance", that basically appears to work off theory that halves of brain are not integrated electrically and this causes - or increases issues with - the "disorders" listed. This doctor apparently works out of Chicago-area Brain Balance Program and is trying to bring it here <found this through website called "Autism Speaks" which has an Ill. listing>. Now, I have no issue with this program cuz I don't know anything about it; my concern is that here is another "professional" who, at least appearing not to mention math LD anywhere in any of the materials he obviously wants people - especially parents - to be aware of. The other thing was, all the stuff I read, as usual, talked about kids - therapies geared to kids, etc. Great, but I think somewhere info. should include that LD affects people throughout the lifespan.
So I emailed him and explained these concerns. We'll see if he emails back-Smile
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Posted on October 09 2009 06:12 PM

Location: No value
Posts: 3265

Joined: 2008-12-31

also referred doc. to this site-
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