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Music :D
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Posted on April 04 2011 08:04 PM

Location: No value
Posts: 40

Joined: 2010-10-14

Hiya everybody!
I figure there is a thread like this somewhere in here, but I couldn't find it so I'm making a new one.

I'm a major music geek, I try to stay updated on everything and every genre, and since we're pretty much from all over the world here I'm very interested to know...
What kind of music do you listen to right now? Any great recommendations?
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Posted on April 04 2011 09:25 PM

Location: No value
Posts: 3265

Joined: 2008-12-31

Hi Pirullinen,

somewhere there was some discussion about music but this is now Smile so - while I don't consider myself a music geek - I do enjoy various kinds and groups. If breaking it down into succinct categories, I like <not in any order>:


some techno;

some alternative;

some rap;

small amount of bluegrass/mountain;



the traditional pow wow music I've heard;

feminist/protest/60's folk

some groups/people like:
Whitesnake, Metallica, Rush, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Dio, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Indigo Girls, Shine, Gaelic Storm, Debbie Friedman <obm>, ACDC...

recommendations I don't have, depends on what you like
any of the above I suppose since you seem pretty open
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Posted on April 04 2011 11:55 PM
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Location: No value
Posts: 1388

Joined: 2005-03-11

I love everything, there's no particular genre... I'm musically schizophrenic for sure. The Doors, Sarah McLachlan, Ben Folds Five, Leonard Cohen, Robyn, Moby, Cure, Iron & Wine, Jamie Walters, Low Millions/Adam Cohen, Bob Dylan, Airborne Toxic Event, Simply Red, Metallica... Weird collection of obsessions. Love songs and hate songs and stupid songs and silly songs and depressing songs and happy songs and...

... and Danish names, since you'd know them, stuff like Mikael Simpson, Trentemøller, Nikolaj Nørlund, I am Bones, The Malpractice, Beta Satan, Juncker, Speaker Bite Me, Jomi Massage, CV Jørgensen, Camille Jones... and many more.
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Posted on April 11 2011 12:25 AM

Location: No value
Posts: 171

Joined: 2009-11-29

I like a lot of different kinds of music too -
Bon Jovi
Alan Jackson
Loreena Mckennitt
Frank Sinatra
Fiona Apple
Broadway musicals

and lots more.
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Posted on April 11 2011 12:42 AM
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Location: No value
Posts: 850

Joined: 2010-10-09

I'm a Music Education major, so I like a lot of music: Classical, Baroque (yes, there is a difference...), Romantic period music, Broadway, Contemporary Christian, Gregorian Chants, Jewish music (the minor keys are cool!), some Country (not much...), folk music. Again, I like most kinds. It depends what mood I'm in.
I'm NOT lost, I'm just taking the scenic rout!
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Posted on April 11 2011 09:41 PM

Location: No value
Posts: 40

Joined: 2010-10-14

I'm into many different genres myself as well. However, I'm mostly a rock'n'roll girl Grin
I love Scandinavian rock music, bands like Hanoi Rocks, Backyard Babies, The Hellacopters, Hardcore Superstar and so on, but I'm also a huge Neil Young fan and have been known to have a Lady Gaga CD in my collection Pfft

Right now I'm listening to Agnes Obel and Marie Key - two Danish artists. Agnes Obel is really a major talent! Her lyrics are in English.
I love music with a melancholy edge to it. All my CD's are extremely depressing (but beautiful Grin)

In the past few years the Scandinavian music scene has really taken off! There are so many good bands around these days! Just a few years back all people wanted to listen to was Britney and Eminem, there was just no diversity! I used to do a lot of promotion for different major Scandinavian bands (HIM, Michael Monroe, Hanoi Rocks) but we just stood no chance against the American market, and now all the promotion has pretty much been outsourced - the labels don't care about the fans Sad

squeakymonster: I wish I new more about classical music and all the different kinds of classical. I only know stuff about Bach because they say that his stuff is the source of heavy metal (all the stuff in minor I guess) ha ha The only christian band that I really like and listen to is Alter Bridge - I guess christian music is not that wide-spread in my part of the world. I wonder why it isn't?
(I don't believe in God at all, but everything is intriguing to me) Wink

ert: Simply Red is my guilty pleassure! Pfft
Edited by Pirullinen on April 11 2011 09:43 PM
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Posted on April 11 2011 10:11 PM

Location: No value
Posts: 1229

Joined: 2006-11-16

Amy Winehouse
The View- hometown band Smile
Elle Goulding
Elton John
Cheryl Cole
Katherine Jenkins

Think that's it!!

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