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Posted on May 19 2011 08:29 PM

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Joined: 2011-05-19

Hi there,

I apologize for my eventual mistakes in advance ; ) I'm not a native speaker so be patient with me, please Wink

I'm 21 and I've been dycalculic since I remember. I can't count and i have serious problems with understanding the meaning of time and distance. Though I have perfect hearing and the sense of rhythm, I simply cannot remember the sequences of moves in basic dance styles and understand musical notes. It's pretty tough for me because I'm a good singer and it would be helpful to read notes.

Anyway, here in Poland people aren't so acquainted with the problems of dyscalculic person, so they usually treat you as an idiot because you can't do "such a simple equation". I've always had very good grades, except of maths of course, I can speak 3 languages fluently, I write, sing and do a lot of stuff but in the end I am always a stupid girl who can't count Sad It's sad and it made my self-confidence really low.

I thought that while studying literature and journalism I won't be exposed for counting- but with my "luck" after getting a job in local TV my boss made my counting programme time codes and I am totally lost in it! I told him that I've got dyscalculia but he only laughed at me and told me it is a disease imagined by stupid people as their excuse for their incompetence..

I thought that maybe here I will find some understanding people who will tell me what to do, eventually offer me some math exercises that will work on my closed-to-maths-mind.

Do you have some tips for me?Smile

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Posted on May 19 2011 11:07 PM

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Dear roseauxdasilva,
What a pretty name you have. I have the same problem with remembering sequence and dance steps. Always in gym class, when we learned folk dances, I would constantly be asking whoever was my partner at the time, "Now, which dance is this? And, is this the one where we kick and turn around, or is this the one where we change partners?" And my partner would be trying to tell me which dance we were doing while we were dancing. It wasn't that I couldn't 'dance', it was just that all the steps and the music all seemed to 'run together'.

I've heard that in some countries there is less consideration for people with LD's than in others. We all need more support and understanding from friends and educators. Welcome here. - jus'
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Posted on May 20 2011 04:52 PM

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hello, rose - I agree with 'jus - very pretty name indeed!
here's a link from the previously mentioned site I brought up with other new posters: http://www.ldworl...amp;id=318
since the listing is in Polish, can't say anything about its relevance but maybe it could be useful-


and here's something from University of Warsaw <English>:
Edited by RottieWoman on May 20 2011 04:54 PM
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