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Fantasies (no not that kind!)
Posted on March 20 2009 07:05 PM

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Lol, i do tht all the time. I call it talking to myself in my head and sometimes its confusing beacuse i think i sayed somthing but i actuly sayed it in my head Pfft
like little plans like somtimes i say "yeah im gonna go and clean my room and do my homework" and i can imagine myself doing it in like really fast mode which is really weird Pfft :S Grin

Siri x
Posted on March 20 2009 07:16 PM
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Hi Siri,
Welcome! I read your other post on panic attacks. All that you say reminds me of my daughter. She is so overwhelmed in math class and feels that sense of panic. She also does this fantasy daydreaming, too!

Please go to the introduction section and post about yourself! You'll be noticed there, and I'm sure everyone wants to meet you!

You're among friends, here.
Parent of math impaired 14 year old daughter.

"...they think a lot of my issues are caused by math anxiety (but my anxiety would be caused by dyscalulia, now wouldn't it?)" - AnimalHugger
Posted on March 20 2009 08:28 PM

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Oh yes I do. I escape inside my mind all the time and it's never a boring trip.
I make up stories and start conversations with imaginary people.
This, by the way, is not a good idea while shopping. I sometimes forget the other people are not really there and instead of thinking my answers, say them out loud..
I'm a violin so stop trying to make me sound like a piano!!

Dyscalculia doesn't bother me as much as all the nasty accessories that came with it
Posted on April 02 2009 01:59 AM

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Odd,I don't do the whole "movie script" thing but if I'm stressed,had an argument or something similar, I'll run a dialogue through my head.I say something,they reply and I say something in return and so forth.Not sure it's the same but it sounds close-ish.I assumed that everyone did this,don't they?
No man is an Island, entire of itself;....we can all be invaded if we don't have secure borders Wink
Posted on April 02 2009 11:17 AM

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I'll be honest, I've always had a fantastic imagination, i was great fun to play with as a kid as me and my friends literally ended up in another world with me leading the way. Our Mums shouting us for our tea was just enough to break the immersion.

I do it all the time, i run conversations in my head. I see someone giving an interview on the TV and i imagine me giving the interview, i give them my answers. I run scenarios all the time, from possible real life ones to just plain ludicrous ones.

I too come up with movies and stories in my head all the time. I think i could have wrote a good book if i had the organisation skills to structure the story and not just loose my way (I've tried it).

i think it all goes hand in hand, imagination, vision etc. and daydreams and fantasy is part of that too.

I have an eye for a good picture too, I'm probably totally missing my vocation now that i come to think of it!
Posted on April 02 2009 03:56 PM

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Joined: 2009-04-02

I have my own little world inside my head.
I am me, the people around me talk in full scripts, and I would assume I spend about two hours each day in my own head going on like a mad man Pfft.
I have never heard about anyone doing this, so that there are other people out there like me, is a great relief.
I have actually on a couple accations believed that i was going insaneShock. When I do it, I can like start saying my "lines" out loud or getting facial expressions that suits my story. A lot of people have noticed this and asked me about it, I of course just say that I "spaced out" to not sound like a mainiac. Since so many people on here have said they do that, it kinda hs to be a sign of dyscalculia.
Or a REALLY BIG coincidence... Which I can`t really say I think it is Pfft. But when it comes to these fantasies, what do you guys fantasies about?, *blushes*.
I have my own ideal look at the future for example.

Sorry if my english is bad... I`m very norwegian^^.
Posted on May 02 2009 02:38 PM
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Joined: 2009-05-02

i day dream alot!
i sometimes talk out loud to my rabbits and tell them what happened in school... which turns out in to a dragon sitting on my scholder and killing the teacher. which i act out.
the rabbits stare at me....Pfft
i also make faces Frown SmileWinkCool lol
it seems to be linked...
can people post if they had an imagionary friend? human or not?
i would like to see if it is common as well. saying we daydream.
thanks, elena
Posted on May 02 2009 06:43 PM
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Joined: 2009-05-02

Yes, completely and I treasure it! Some things are just plain weird, others seem like they could could have real depth and background, so they all go in a notebook with cherries on. Grin Along with it comes talking out loud, which I've been caught doing at times Pfft people just really give me a queer look and wonder off.
Posted on May 15 2009 11:47 PM
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I have been reading many of the posts in here and I can totally relate. And, I am glad that i am not alone! I have always created huge, elaborate, ongoing stories in my head for years. I often use this to my advantage to deal with boredom (like being stuck on a plan for hours) or even to help me fall asleep at night.

Whenever I can't fall asleep, I often will add a new chapter onto one of my stories, and I will often fall asleep before the end. I guess it is really comforting me to escape the real world and immerse myself into one of my imaginary worlds.

I also have epic dreams that are like movies and when I wake up I can remember many details. I even surprise myself by the strangeness of them. I started keeping a dream journal recently to try and write some of the dream down so I don't forget them.
Posted on June 30 2009 04:35 PM

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Joined: 2009-06-30

I daydream ALL the time...

The main songwriter for my favorite band admits to doing the same thing, he refers to himself as an 'escapist' which i fully agree with. Makes me wonder if he's a dyscalculic, too...

I've taken to writing down my main day dream in the form of a Nightwish fan-fiction that's well over 130 pages in WordProcessor.

If anyone is interested, just ask and i shall post a link(it's an alternate-reality type of thing, based on something someone had heard...)

Wow, i thought I was the only one, I had just thought that the daydreaming was a fact of life and had noting to do with my math-issues/.
american girl, finnish heart
Posted on July 11 2009 01:26 PM
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Joined: 2009-07-11

Oh my god! You guys do it too? Shock Ohohoh, i`m so pleased it wasn`t just me XD
Posted on July 12 2009 03:29 AM

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Joined: 2009-07-12

Yep, I do this all the time. My teachers called it "daydreaming". I even got paddled for it in 1st grade, when corporal punishment was cool.
Posted on July 12 2009 08:49 AM

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Joined: 2009-07-08

Goodness this is a long thread, yet again I must confess I did not read every post, there's just too many at 3.57 am when I actually sat down to write.

Gotta say I don't know where to start on a response here... as much I feel niggled into doing so. The writer in me wants to let you all know that I know for a fact that huge amounts of other writers out there do this too.
The writers board I used to visit many yrs ago had a similar thread which also seemed miles long with members exclaiming their relief at not being the only ones.
The Dyscalculic in me feels like so many of you have said that it must be related. Otherwise it is as somebody pointed out quite the coincidence.
On the other hand the psychology buff in me wants to point out that this ability is known to be common among people who: didn't have things too great as a kid.
No offence to any here who are parents of a child with dyscalculia - the mere fact that you come here says a great deal about your caring and conscious parenting styles; also my own daughter shows very strong signs of developing this creative habit. - Still it is a fact that most who do this can put several fingers on parts of their childhoods that in adulthood they realize they felt a distinct need to escape.
Personally I have a list longer than both my arms put together; lets just leave it at I did not have good parents. As for my daughter, well there was the somewhat messy divorce between me and her father, bringing with it strong evidence that she was far from the most important thing in his life and followed a great big move to the states.

No matter who we are or what society tries to portray, childhood is not and never has been a fairy tale. It naturally comes with trauma, imagine having as little say and control over your life now as you did then. I don't know about anyone else but for me that would be a nightmare.
Those of us that can create these fabulous other worlds, whether they be filled with danger and thrills or a retreat where the rich scenery is the epitome of peaceful, what we truly have in common, is that we are blessed.
Yes many of us learn to use it later in life. We express ourselves in various forms of art - I write novels based completely on my own daydreams - that which those who lack this ability can only see to do for money we do because we enjoy the journey and if we can turn that into cash it's a bonus.
As a child my family called me 'dilly daydreams' and my teachers were concerned enough at times to take me aside and question me about the daydreaming and my multitudes of imaginary friends. And yes there have been times when I've thought I was going insane and for the sake of others in my life at the time I have vowed never to retreat into my own mind again.

These days I know better than to worry or bend to the will of others. I've also become aware that without the retreat my clinical depression and my insomnia... increase by leaps and bounds.

So I say why shouldn't we embrace it? As long as we can tell where reality ends and our daydreams begin why shouldn't we love every detail our vast imaginations can conjure up?

if it does go hand in hand with dyscalculia then I feel all the more blessed and you should too.
After all where would our species be without creativity? It's so much more than pretty words and pictures... I mean come on, do we really think the person who came up with the wheel sat there measuring it's circumference and diameter inch by inch to be sure it would work? No way... if they'd done so they may well have given up on the idea for fear it just couldn't work as they hoped. They imagined then they created and every human that's lived ever since owes them a great debt for keeping it simple.

Never be ashamed to dream people, our world is lost without us. Dream and dream and dream some more...

Being truly great with money is easy... just don't spend it. Trust me... this works every time.
Posted on July 28 2009 09:35 PM

Location: No value
Posts: 69

Joined: 2009-07-25

lace9 wrote:
The writers board I used to visit many yrs ago had a similar thread which also seemed miles long with members exclaiming their relief at not being the only ones.

Um. Wow. I just. Okay let me get my words here.
I am a little more than flabbergasted that writers would have a discussion like that and be shocked. You can't write without a rich inner world. It's not possible. That's half of writing.

Although it might not be clear, when people imagine these little movies or get lost in conversations in their head it's just imagination. It's hard to be an artist, writer, director, musician, or actor without it.

For that matter it's hard to be a programmer or engineer without it. Being able to generate solutions to a problem with thought is called creative problem solving, and it's the same technique whether plotting out symbols or plotting out a book or movie.

People think creativity means crafting something but that's not exactly correct. That's creating, but not creativity. One needs the ability to create something to express their creative ideas, but a person without creativity can create a thing. You can, for example, be a master violinist and not be creative in the least.

Creativity relies on imagination. It's the ability to make connections in your head. It's creating something new or altering something simply through cognitive process. I.E., imagining a story, practicing a possible conversation, or acting out a movie in your head.

People have different definitions for imagination, too, since the precise definition somewhat depends on the situation. You might be good at imagining stories and creating story worlds, but bad at imagining the best way for you yourself to approach a person you like.

As far as how it relates to a specific deficit, disability, or learning preference, it doesn't exactly. Not directly anyway. It more relates to personality than something like ADD, although personality is a mixture of how your brain is genetically wired and how your experiences have rewired the brain; Things that can be *impacted* by, say, ADD or dyscalculia in different amounts. Everyone has imagination, only expressed in different ways and in different amounts unique to their makeup. We all think through a dominant hemisphere. Being "right brained," however, doesn't necessarily mean you'll be a great artist.

It is also true that if your brain has been damaged or, for some reason, shifts around wiring to depend on one lobe or hemisphere more than another, in certain situations, your thinking must necessarily follow different "paths" than normal. These paths might take you into an area where more of your actions will be more left or right brained, to use an easy and quick example, than others.
Posted on August 03 2009 05:45 AM

Location: No value
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Joined: 2009-08-01

missasher wrote:
well, I role play alot, especialy online, and some times in real time. I tend to replay those scenes in my head, and Ive also made up my own little stories, things i would like to write down, but never do, always developing a little each time in my mind, like a film, really.

I roleplay too, and I do that!

But I daydream a lot. Vividly. Also, when someone upsets me, or I get into a fight, I do nothing when it happens. It is like I freeze up. Then, later on, I imagine what I would have said, or done, and my mouth moves as I go over what I would have said. My mouth moves a lot when I imagine things.
Posted on August 17 2009 12:26 AM

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Here's to "day dreaming" and "story boarding". I'm new to the site (though i used to troll through prior to officially joining) and i agree that it's both a sign of creativity as well as a form of escapism.
Posted on August 17 2009 06:17 PM
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Welcome nyx Smile
Posted on August 28 2009 02:36 AM

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I can see the people I dream of. I take charecters (and places!) from any movie\book\anything, and I can 'see' them. Think a blue Star Wars hologram. I'll act out whole scripts with them, and I can't go more than half a day without them.

Correction--I can actually go without. If I'm REALLY screwed up (i.e. bad bout with depression), they either get mean or desert me. I hate that! I STILL have trouble getting them to be nice to me on bad days!

But I can come up with the most fantastic stories with them, so in the end it's all good. And I can even put myself in the universe they came from! My favorite at the moment is Star Wars, but I like Power Rangers, too. (What can I say? They blow up and have hot actors. ;p) Who else has favorite scenes\charecters?
Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.
Posted on September 24 2009 01:12 PM
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All the time; I'm an author! Cool
Blessed are the PURR in heart!
Posted on September 25 2009 06:42 PM
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Still it is a fact that most who do this can put several fingers on parts of their childhoods that in adulthood they realize they felt a distinct need to escape.

Too right! like maybe... MOST OF IT! I was the shy, overweight bookworm that got picked on ALL the way through school. Making up mental scenarios (either my own or offshoots of whatever book I was reading) was pure escapism.
Blessed are the PURR in heart!
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