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Guitar purchase yesterday!m
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Posted on August 20 2011 04:19 PM

Location: Texas USA
Posts: 6315

Joined: 2008-05-25

I bought a guitar yesteray! YaY! I couldn't bring it home with me yet, though, because of a special local law. hahaha No, it's not a law to protect the public from my guitar playing, nor a licence to 'carry' a guitar. I bought it used at a big name Music Store, but because it is a 'used' guitar, the law requires them to 'hold' it, like a layaway, for two weeks, before it can leave the store. This is to drastically reduce the possibility that anything stolen gets sold to the public. So, I've already paid for the guitar, and a week from now, I can go pick it up.

Another customer was playing it when I walked into the practice room. It sounded great, and was about half the price it would have been if 'new'. When the other customer decided not to buy it (because he already has one that's similar), I sprung for it.

It's been decades since I 'learned' to play the guitar. Does three chords and a melody line count as having 'learned' to play the guitar? But this time, I'm really excited about trying it over again. That 'first' time, I knew nothing about dyscalculia, nor why it was so difficult for me to read the chord charts. I think that, with my present knowledge, I'll be 'oh so very' forgiving of myself on my reading and remembering, and will just enjoy the melodious sounds I can make.

I also have wanted to try out making an instrument from, for example, an empty gallon can that used to contain olive oil, with a board stuck through it. I've seen this on YouTube. My problem was that I couldn't remember all the 'parts' that were necessary and what function they fulfilled. Now, having my own guitar, I won't have to make lists of necessary parts. I can just refer to my own guitar. Also, I can just copy the fretboard rather than fretting about the measurements. (Little pun there.) I'm looking forward to having some fun with a new guitar in the house. - jus'
Edited by justfoundout on August 20 2011 04:21 PM
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Posted on September 30 2011 06:38 AM

Location: Toronto Canada
Posts: 10

Joined: 2011-09-21

Great news, I remeber my first drum set, raced home to set it up and played for days. I started out with the clarinet, then sax. Started to fall behind my classmates so I dug in my heels untill the music teacher let me move to the drums. I remeber the day, he said I was natural.

I did manage to get a band formed and for 5 yrs we played most weekends in the local bars, then suddenly we just stopped. 2 years ago I decided to buy a bass guitar, I am sorry to say it does not get much use, have a terrible time remebering the notes, my memory will not let me see the notes and were my fingers should be.

I do still occasionally pick it up, last little while I just put on the headphones and play for my own enjoyment for me there is nothing better. Drums rock and are a great when stressed.

Good luck with the guitar, enjoy and as we say in the music world....."Raise A Little Hell"
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Posted on September 30 2011 06:56 PM
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Location: Munising, MI, USA
Posts: 848

Joined: 2010-10-09

And the Dyscalculic Band adds another member! lol
I'm NOT lost, I'm just taking the scenic rout!
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Posted on October 01 2011 12:20 AM

Location: Texas USA
Posts: 6315

Joined: 2008-05-25

Okay! Great! There are three of us now? - jus'
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Posted on October 01 2011 03:20 AM

Location: No value
Posts: 100

Joined: 2010-06-04

If I could be good at anything, like if I could pick my talent, I would pick music. Most of my family is musically talented, but not me. I have synesthesia, so I can "hear" colors, but I don't really understand music. Y'all are so lucky to have that sort of talent, I got stuck with art as mine.
Equations are the devil's sentences. -Stephen Colbert
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Posted on October 03 2011 03:36 AM

Location: Texas USA
Posts: 6315

Joined: 2008-05-25

Art is great, too! You can make our drums, clay whistles (ocarinas), and harps for us. I have a scary feeling that the colors will be unusual? - jus'
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Posted on October 03 2011 04:51 AM

Location: Toronto Canada
Posts: 10

Joined: 2011-09-21

So when do we jam, also in what country, state or province?
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Posted on October 04 2011 03:36 PM

Location: Texas USA
Posts: 6315

Joined: 2008-05-25

There's a free place online to record. It's has two glitches. If you don't start talking (or singing, etc) immediately, you'll find that it didn't 'kick in' and start recording. Always listen to what you've recorded before sending it to your friend. It might just be blank. Also, you can 'not send' your recording, but you can't 'delete' your recording. All the crumby attempts will still be there, saved to your account until the Admin erases them all, someday. But it's free and I've used it with no problems. This isn't 'jamming', but it would allow some more or less annonymous transfer of audio recordings among us. - jus'
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