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Expending many words?
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Posted on August 20 2011 04:55 PM

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(Visual spatial dyscalculia music – google word search);f=false

Such great information! This is about 'visual spatial' and ‘language’, but much of it is also applicable to any LD, including ‘dyscalculia’. Go to page 36 at that link, in order to read for yourself. And keep reading on into page 37. You’ll love it. – jus’

Mapping careers with LD and ADD clients: guidebook and case studies

By Raizi Abby Janus
Diagnosis of Language Disability in Adults
Excerpt from page 36
“Thus integrative processing involves multiple language functions such as phonological, syntactic, and semantic processing; it entails an interplay of short- and long-term memory; and it spans different sensory modalities, such as the visual, the auditory, and the semantic. Persons with problems in integration can have trouble understanding the gist of a conversation of “pulling together” the meaning from what they read. They grasp the details but not the “big picture.” When they try to explain something, they expend many words before they get to the point. A colleague of mine, noting that these clients may take a long time to “unfold” in therapy, has extended her therapy hour to accommodate this “symptom” (Mary Ann Juska, personal communication 1996). Because linguistic intergration is a complex process, it is subject to systemic breakdown.”
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Posted on August 20 2011 07:44 PM
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I find that excerpt interesting to read, mostly because I have the total opposite problem - I'm great at understanding the big picture, but I have a hard time sitting down and focusing on/remembering all the little gritty details.

I'm notorious for asking a supervisor at work a question and describing the problem the client is having as, "Well basically, it's this." I write down all the details as soon as I hear them so I don't forget, because I know I won't remember in 5 minutes if I don't. I'll remember the gist of the problem, and there are clients who I remember weeks or months later and I still remember the general sum of their problem - but I couldn't remember the details even at that time, much less a month later.

I think that's why I'm better at taking essay exams than multiple choice tests - I can't remember the exact detail or fact well enough to pick it out of a list of 4 options, but I can write at great length about the general concept and what it means. This seems to be the opposite problem that most people I know have, where they are good at looking at a list of answers and identifying the correct one, but can't describe things conceptually in writing.
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"The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings." - Eric Hoffer
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