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Remembering numbers
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Posted on September 01 2011 10:34 AM
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I just do not remember numbers - full stop.

I'm an early bird and my husband often asks me to be his personal alarm clock (Which is fine - he's my personal banker, after all) but I never, ever remember what time he said. Now I do remember to write it down.

The same with dates - if I'm going away or have a dinner date, or whatever - I never remember the date and have to go to the diary every time.

I can't imagine what it's like to be able to remember phone numbers - 'tho I bet this is a dying skill as phones now have their own memories.

At school I have to write down the number of children present after the register, or an important head-count, for whatever reason, would be useless as I wouldn't know how many kids I SHOULD have!

There are many coping strategies we just 'do' without ever being taught them.

What are yours?
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Posted on September 01 2011 01:00 PM

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one of my big things is just being very up-front about it. I ask people what time it is, or what does that <"hands"> clock say? .....or - is this change right? or - I have problems with math, how much does this cost or what does that number/tag etc. mean on something at a store.
my hubby really deals with most of the financial things including things like house-selling financial discussions and home-repair-related financial things with the workers - but if it was just me, I'd have to find a good friend to help me with that.

I don't tend to have an issue with dates or time management but I do write lots of stuff on my calendar.

There are really so many ways of being that I have always used that's just become part of who I am, as opposed to a certain strategy.

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Posted on September 01 2011 01:25 PM

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I forget numbers, too, Boogie. This is one reason that the dyscalculia diagnosis was such a relief to me. It explained my seeming ditziness. - jus'
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Posted on September 07 2011 07:27 PM
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Hmmm. I've probably developed several coping strategies that I don't realize, but I know that when I am counting out change I always tell the person they should re count it. My change counting abilities actually aren't very bad, I just don't want them to accuse me of trying to cheat them because I forgot a penny or something. Most of the time they don't count it, so if I miscount it it's their fault for not checking.

One thing I found that helps me remember things is to write them down then read them out loud. They say that the more senses you use the more likely you are to remember something, so when I would study my notes I had written earlier (especially math) I would always try to find a quiet place then read them out loud, so that I was seeing them and hearing them at the same time. It seemed to help a bit.

If I have to remember a date or time I always try to write it down and then re-check with the person several times. When I write down addresses and phone numbers if I can I will have them re-read it. If not I just hope I got it rightWink

It's not usually the case that I forget completely about appointments. I just tend to become so distracted by certain things that, before I know it, I'm 15 minutes late. Or sometimes I forget to write the time down. Oh well.
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Posted on October 18 2011 04:11 AM
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I write down EVERYTHING. And always keep it on hand. And double check to make sure I wrote the numbers down right. And triple check.

As for telling time, I use digital clocks whenever possible. If that's not a possibility, I just ask someone for the time. Some people give me funny looks and tell me to read the clock myself, and I usually get teased when I inform them that I can't tell time, but I've gotten so used to it that I really don't mind.

At work, I'm usually not put on cash register, so I rarely have to worry about counting money...but when I do, I just count the change really slowly and double check myself.

And when I need to go somewhere, I ask my friends to take me there the day before so I can remember the landmarks. And then if I get lost anyway (which I tend to do), I call them up and ask for step-by-step, detailed instructions on how to get there.
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Posted on November 04 2011 02:14 AM

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Joined: 2011-08-27

I can keep numbers in short term memory for about five minutes or so and then its lost. When I was in school I had to memorize my multiplication tables each day before class and then they'd be forgotten. I can do math on a third grade level.

I have to keep notebooks and calendars handy and look at the numbers often so I don't forget dates, and even then I have to ask my husband to remind me. I often mess up deadlines, not because I'm lazy but because I forget the dates. I have to program the reminder on my online calendar to remind me of writing assignments due.

And what really frustrates me is that 'blank' sensation I get whenever I'm suddenly accosted by a series of numbers or someone asks me something that requires calculations.
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Posted on November 04 2011 04:19 PM
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I have major issues with time management and numbers in general. For time management, I have a planner. I color code things in my planner with highlighters to bring my attention to really important things. For remembering numbers, I plug them into my phone, or better, have the person program them into my phone for me. Even then, I have been known to have to ask my sisters to look up my number for me so that I can write it down correctly.

I actually have a funny story about time management issues, despite having a planner. This week, my American West prof. told us that we needed to turn in a paragraph describing what we are thinking about doing our term paper on. I thought it was due yesterday. No, it was due on Tuesday, as in the Tuesday coming up. Well, at least I have it done already... but this kind of mistake doesn't always work out in my favor.
I'm NOT lost, I'm just taking the scenic rout!
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Posted on November 04 2011 08:02 PM

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Joined: 2008-05-25

I did the same thing. My Spanish teacher handed back our MLA format 'paper', graded, and with errors marked. She told us that if we corrected the errors and re-printed it, she would raise our grade on the paper. She gave the date when we were supposed to turn this corrected paper back in to her. I couldn't remember the date, hence, I was the only one who gave her my corrected paper in the very next class. It wasn't due until the 'next' class after that. But it was nice to 'have it done already'. - jus'
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Posted on November 06 2011 08:36 AM

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I always forget numbers and that's one of my biggest dyscalculia issues.
Something as simple as a party can drive me crazy because I have to remember where to go, when to go, how to get there (huge challenge, especially if busses and trains are involved) and how to get back home again if it's a place I'm not familiar with.
I'm a violin so stop trying to make me sound like a piano!!

Dyscalculia doesn't bother me as much as all the nasty accessories that came with it
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