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Awkward moments, brought to you by Dyscalculia!
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Posted on January 18 2012 04:05 PM
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I went to a class yesterday. It was the first time that the class had met. I got to class early. I sat right in the front row. The professor came in. You're seeing where this is going... I had to pack up and make a hasty exit, and the prof. had to make a few jokes about my being in the wrong class. Because of my dyscalculia, I had mixed up room numbers and was in the wrong room. I then had to walk into my actual class late, and the only open seat was in the front. The prof. had to stop his opening remarks as I came in. There were 75 people in the class. Great. Even better? This class uses a lot of maps. I already had to have some blown up. I'm hoping that if I talk to the prof, he'll blow them up for me instead of me having to take them to Student Support Services to be blown up.

Still no ice skating, that starts up next week. Along with my lessons. Oh, and apparently, I put my class time on the wrong line on my schedule for my lesson prof., and now I'm hoping that she understands I'm in another class when she expects me to show up for my lesson. The semester can only get better from here, right?
I'm NOT lost, I'm just taking the scenic rout!
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Posted on January 18 2012 10:45 PM

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That sounds like a re-run of some of my semesters. ;) - jus'
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Posted on January 19 2012 02:17 AM
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At least the prof. was able to help me. The lesson thing is now straitened out. We had Orchestra rehearsal tonight. I've never been placed so high in my section. My wrist is doing better from my injury from last semester, as well. I was able to go almost the whole two hours with no pain. Toward the end, I was getting uncomfortable.
I'm NOT lost, I'm just taking the scenic rout!
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Posted on January 19 2012 04:17 AM

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MAPS?! You're in a class with lots of maps? And you're going back for more? Just kidding, good for you but those things give me the spins. I figure out where I am on the paper but it isn't anything like wherever I am in the world and it all just makes me dizzy. Weird how we all have our quirks.
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Posted on January 19 2012 01:34 PM
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sarahfaction, for the record, I'm not good with maps either, and didn't know that the prof. would be using a lot of them. It's going to be a challenge in that respect, but the material is quite interesting. We're studying history of the Americas as a unit, rather than just the history of individual countries. The class looks at common trends that affected the whole region.
I'm NOT lost, I'm just taking the scenic rout!
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Posted on January 30 2012 05:54 PM

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I think I have the Army to thank for being decent with maps and outdoor navigation (when the sun is up). Just don't ask me what the capitol is for a certain state. I just remember the sun rises in the east and sets in the west and (in the northern hemisphere where I've lived all my life, travels to the south). Its never done the opposite. Copying map grids had to be compared from me copying on the edge of the paper directly number-for-number.

In large cities, navigation can be a lot harder. You have to be able to figure which direction numbers on streets run, which side of the street is odd and which is even and if driving, contend with one-way streets, detours and such which may not appear on a map. Plus your addresses have to be written correctly in the first place!

Outdoors with a compass I just sight to a landmark and move the outer bezel mark until it aligns with the compass arrow, as long as I keep that aligned, even if I can't see my landmark (due to trees, etc) I am going in the right direction.Wink
Edited by badkitty on January 30 2012 05:55 PM
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Posted on April 22 2012 06:49 PM

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Ooh, this reminds me of a really awkward class situation. In an attempt to give me more skills for the workplace, I was sent on a CAD (computer aided design) course by the employment service. The person who arranged this thought it would be right for me as a graphic designer, but CAD is a technical drawing programme, which is used by engineers & architects, etc...and nothing to do with graphics as such.

Anyway, we were given humungous manuals with exercises to plow through in order to teach us all the aspects of the CAD software. I started off okay but with each exercise I found it harder to take anything in and pretty soon I was getting more and more stressed out and increasingly way behind everyone else. I managed to stick it out until half way through the afternoon, by which time I had a migraine and couldn't even see anything any more. Near to tears, I finally ran out of the room!

I couldn't face going back. Sad
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Posted on April 24 2012 04:42 AM

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Ah, yes. I haven't been tested yet, but I have my fair share of embarrassing experiences.

Just yesterday, actually, I had to go get a script filled. When the pharmacist asked me to sign and date the prescription, there was a really long, awkward pause - while I knew what DAY it was, I couldn't have possibly told him what the date was. I even had to count on my fingers to figure out that April is the 4th month. He gave me such an odd look.

Also, I'm doing a course at Uni that requires a lot of statistical knowledge. The lecturer stressed at the beginning of the course that the whole subject is so easy that there will be no calculators allowed in the exam, because that would simply be ridiculous. I freaked out, because while I understand the lectures that had no maths in them just perfectly, the ones where numbers appear don't make sense to me at all. After going over the same lecture 6 or 7 times and STILL not entirely understanding what Standard Deviation meant, I went to ask my lecturer for help - whether that be him explaining it to me in different terms, or helping me find a tutor.

The way he looked at me hurt a lot. He suggested I get a psychometric test, but since I won't get the results anywhere near in time for the exam I can't get special provisions. Meanwhile, I'm still struggling big time understanding these (Apparently very simple) concepts. I'm just hoping I can find myself a good tutor.
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