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Help? Struggling with disability office at school.
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Posted on January 20 2012 10:17 PM

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Help? Struggling with disability office at school.

I have been reading these message forumsí for a while now, which prompted me to look into testing and getting diagnosed for dyscalculia. I have all the classic symptoms, and I am absolutely terrible at math. I have struggled with this since elementary school and had multiple tutors, went to Sylvan learning center, attending math help sessions. Most people think I am lazy and do not want to work when I seem to get good grades everywhere else but math.

Anyways, I have been attending a junior college for about four years now. I should be graduating this semester, since I have nine credits left to get but what is holding me back is my math requirements. I am required to take four math classes, since I have scored so low on the placement testing. I have taken the first math class four times, and have failed it each time resulting in a low grades showing up on my transcript and lowering my overall GPA.

I decided to visit the disability office back in August, they were not helpful in any way and discouraged me that dyscalculia is "real". They said to get testing and come back if I had proof of a disability. My college is in Kansas and I live in North Carolina, due to my husband being stationed here. I finally got the results from my testing and I do in fact have dyscalculia and I can't even describe the relief I felt.

I am at a fifth grade level approximately with math, and just received the paperwork from my doctor and I faxed it over last night. My doctor stated in the papers that I should be excused from the math courses or find alternative classes as a substitution. I contacted the same lady I spoke to back in August, and she was very rude stating that all she can do is give me extra testing time and that I will have to take the classes. I am quite lost on what to do because I do in fact have a disability and I feel as if I am being overlooked, that it does not matter to my school.

I am lost on what to do next, if I can even finish graduating with this school or if I will have to find a school that will accept my disability and work with me. I would really appreciate any advice or opinions any has because I donít know what my next move should be.

Thank you,

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Posted on January 21 2012 03:02 AM

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Hi, I can relate to your situation. I have fifth grade level of math and it was nearly impossible for me to get through a remedial math class. My neuropsychologist also wrote that I should have math waived/substituted as well. My cc and Uni do not care about this. I was at the cc for many years chipping away at other classes and failing sciences. The LD department was very unhelpful and misleading to me. I gave up on the cc and hoped for the Uni to care...but they are making me take a remedial math and MAYBE if I fail they will give me a substitution.

To be honest...usually the only thing you get from a diagnosis is extra time on tests and tutoring. Not very helpful to most dyscalculics. If you can, go to a school that for sure will replace the math. A lot of people cannot do this though and are stuck with whatever is near to them, like me.

I think you should petition for a substitution and see what they well till you. You might have to take a math class and fail it once or twice (maybe more) for them to substitute it...and even then, they never give promises.

I wish I could give better more positive advice but this is all I know now Sad
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