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Can't remember numbers and other things
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Posted on January 30 2012 05:24 PM

Location: No value
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Joined: 2012-01-30

Well, its always been hard for me to remember numbers like addresses and phone numbers, combinations to locks, etc. I have a tendency to jumble the numbers and transpose them.

I had the hardest time with memorizing the multiplication tables and in math I got stuck at the point of long division as I just didn't understand where the numbers went.

Eventually I was fine with doing math in school as long as I didn't have to remember formulas. I had to cram those right before the test as they would never go to long term memory. So basically I went through Precalculus in high school and Statistics for the Social Sciences in University, but I don't have any feel for numbers and frankly don't care for it if I can avoid it. I also got A's in accounting but I knew it was not for me for a lifetime, so I quit my business major.

I can tell time and distinguish left and right but I have to think about it, as I can look at an old fashioned clock and still get the time wrong if I don't make an effort and left-right isn't as automatic as it seems for others, so I can't follow a dance step for certain.

Money and time, the numbers don't mean much to me other than often it seems I run out of both. The only way I can remember my pin is it is a word that I spell out on the number pad. If the number pad is without letters, I'm stuff out of luck.

I'm 42, I'm pretty sure, although I've gotten that wrong in the past. Granted my memory for a lot of stuff has gone by the wayside but what I mentioned has been true all my life so far. I haven't been diagnosed with anything specific to a learning disorder because they (meaning the "perfeshunals"Wink always focus on how much more high functioning I am than their other clients meaning I'm not psychotic and delusional and can shower, shave and put on clean clothes before I go somewhere important.
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Posted on January 31 2012 11:07 PM

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Joined: 2008-05-25

Hi badkitty,
Welcome here. I don't have the right/left problem that many here have. Also, I can tell time on analog and digital clocks. One of my worst problems is remembering sequence and procedures. Now I know why it was always so difficult for me to tell the difference between all the folk dances that we had to learn in Junior High School. You'd think that with all the tap, ballet, and jazz classes that i'd taken from six years old, the folk dances would have been easy for me. Well, they were easy for me to 'do'. The problem was remembering them. I always had to rely on whoever I was teamed up with to tell me which dance to do to which music. I'd say, "Is this the one where we keep switching places, back and forth, in front of each other?" Or, I'd say, "Is this the one where we stomp three times?" It was completely against my nature to have to be asking this to someone else,... something that I, as a student, was supposed to have learned already. But now it all makes sense. It was an undiagnosed learning disability. And it made me feel just awful not to be able to keep those things straight.

On business courses,... I took Business Law I and Business Law II. Whew! At least it looks good on my transcript. - jus'
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Posted on February 10 2012 06:56 PM

Location: No value
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Joined: 2011-11-18

Hi Badkitty and welcome to the forums! Smile

Jus and I have a great deal in common. Left/right and telling time is not an issue for me either, but as in her dance example, I too have to remember things in a different way than others do.

I cannot remember formulas for math, so I never got past third grade math. Oh, the school kept passing me; but in reality, I cannot do math beyond a third grade level.

Ironically, I was able to do accounting in order to satisfy the math requirement for an adult high school diploma, but only because like Jus, I remembered the accounting process in a rhythmic way, and as long as I could remember the pattern I had worked out in my head, I could complete the sequence of the accounting process. It also helped that we were able to use a calculator.

I used the same type of patterned thinking for a payroll course I took when I ended up unemployed and had no choice but to either take advantage of schooling offered through unemployment insurance or end up on Welfare when my benefits ran out. They refused to pay for any type of "frivolous" course (so taking journalism was out of the question), but did approve of the payroll one, so I took it even knowing ahead of time something they did not know--I couldn't do math/numbers to save my soul.

Thanks to a classmate who took pity on me and whose husband is probably dyscalculic too, I was tutored by her during classes. Since we had our own little corner of the classroom no one ever bothered to come over and see what we were doing as long as we got the work done. I think the teacher would have been stunned to see my classmate teaching me how to work out simple math.

Despite the payroll course giving me more skills, I was not able to obtain a position in the field--no job without experience--no experience without the job. I wouldn't want to do that anyway knowing my weakness in numbers and especially now knowing about the Dyscalculia.

Now I'm back doing the very career I tried to walk away from and hating every minute of it, but as an office assistant forced to accept a four day work week I am using the extra day off to take courses, or do the homework for courses I'm taking outside of work hours, in things I enjoy.

I'm sure after reading through others' posts, you will find that you have much in common with the rest of us. Again, welcome--I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Edited by Ladyhawke on February 10 2012 07:04 PM
Algebra? When I learn decimals and fractions, you're welcome to try teaching me, but unless you have the patience of a saint and are very long-lived, good luck with that... Grin
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