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I'm wondering if there is anyone else with dyscalculia that has sever problems with time.?
I experience timelessness.. and more than just being unable to create time lines and being unaware of the passage of time. My sense of time is distorted and time passes very quickly without my awareness.. i perceive everything more than a day ago *or a few hours when i'm tired*, as happened days or weeks ago. But fun events and activities always feel like i just did them last week. i feel i've known people and built relationships with them for a long time, when i haven't known them for more than a few months.. And when i'm in a stressful conversation or argument i can't hold what people say in my head.. it dissolves in my head and i loose track of what i'm supposed to be thinking about or responding to.
but perhaps the weirdest is that whenever i move cities it feels like a the last place was a separate lifetime or reality lived long ago... but i feel each lifetime as if they were each only brief moments in my life. And when i reflect on them i experience what you see in vampire and immortal movies.. it's something that happened centuries ago.. and although i can recall feelings and thoughts and everything it is still stained in a distant time.
And i have the reg stuff to.. jumble up math formulas and sequences, Turn maps around in my head, can't remember names, can't do schedules.. and absolute crap with money budgeting. Super sensitive to light, sound, peoples attitudes (energy) and temperatures. but i have a near photographic memory.. as long as it isn't dealing with anything time or number related.. *i can basically watch my fav shows in my head when i'm bored*
And i have very powerful visualization abilities.
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